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Yafi Mamaki-Amossings

Posted by on 07/12/21 0


After his debut singles *Hold me(Rike Ni)* and *Hope Hope in Yahweh* Amossings came with another single Titled *Yafi Mamaki* is a song  Birthed out of depression.

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There are some certain miracles we consider normal when it happens because we are conversant with them, but *Yafi Mamaki (More than Surprise)* lays emphasis on miracles we are not even qualified for (unmerited miracles) yet God gave us. 

Around May this year, Depression held me down for almost a month. I was about giving up before the Lord dropped this song in my spirit, I have been praying about this song for months now that this song should represent its name in the life of anyone who listens to it and in my life and I can boldly tell you this something more than a surprise has happened to me.

Just like in Psalm 126, I see God turning everything about you for good, *Yafi Mamaki* talks about the finished work of Christ on the cross and also the testimony of who we are in Christ Jesus