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ADAMAWA STATE UNIVERSITY_The SUG Presidential Candidate Of ADSU Make A Speech, Trying To Convince Students To Vote Him

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My Fellow ADSUSite, My name is Michael Markus Kutte (Mkay). I would love to be your next SUG PRESIDENT. 
With fresh ideas, approach and concept, we shall restructure, rejuvenate, revitalize and rewrite the story line of our Union. If given the mandate, my leadership will cut across any form of tribal, religious, ethic, gender, status and level sentiments of any kind. I shall ensure that tranquility, equity, transparency and accountability travail. My core mission is to protect and promote students interest, 
create and maintain the maximum utilization of the creativity of students for a dynamic, purposeful, socio-economical and political advancement of the students community, citadel of learning ADSU MUBI. 
I am passionate to serve you, not only but with full capacity.

ADSU – It’s time || I need your optimal support || It’s better with Mkay || I love you

Watch MKay Speech